Introduction to the Bach Flower Remedies

Learn how the Bach Flower Remedies™ can assist you in facilitating change in your life by supporting your overall health and wellbeing. The Bach Flower Remedies can help to relieve and manage daily stress, to regain strength and vitality and to support emotional balance. We will discuss Dr. Bach's system, which utilizes 38 different flower essences to address specific emotional states and personality traits. We will also discuss the spiritual aspects of healing that are the foundation of the Bach Flower System. There will be time to answer your questions on how the Bach Flowers Remedies work and how they can assist you in achieving greater emotional balance and increased well-being.

Date: Wednesday, July 11th
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Location: Wholefoods, Annapolis, MD
Cost: $10.00
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Grounding: An Experiential Journey

Join us for an afternoon of exploration and practice. Together, we will explore what grounding is and how to tell when we are not grounded. We will learn ways to ground ourselves in any situation or location. This class will utilize a variety of tools for grounding including energetic exercises, meditation, crystals, essential oils and more. Learn how to be more present and awake in each moment! Register now $15 

Date: Sunday, May 20th
Time: 12:30 - 2 PM
Location: Evolutions Body Clinic, Annapolis, MD
Cost: $15
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May is for Metta Meditation Practice

Join us for an exploration of Metta, Loving-kindness Meditation.  Together, we will enter the stillness of the heart and explore the Buddhist practice of Metta.  We will begin by cultivating loving-kindess and compassion for ourselves and then extend that energy out to others and the world.   The intention of this group is to explore Metta meditation practice, to cultivate greater loving-kindness in ourselves and the world and to come together in community as heart-centered beings.

Date: Thursday, June 28th
Time: 7:30 - 8:30 pm
Location: 6 Mooring Point Ct., Annapolis, MD
Follow the stones steps to the back entrance.  
Cost: Love Offering
For additional information, email or call 443-223-0848.

Learn more about 
Grounding In A Rapidly Changing World
on The Heart of Awakening Blog or contact Beth to arrange a Grounding Class in your area.
Learn more about 
May is for Metta
on The Heart of Awakening Blog and follow the 31 Day guided practice at your own pace. 
Learn more about 
Bach Flower Remedies:
 A Tool for Transformation
on The Heart of Awakening Blog  or contact Beth to schedule a Bach Flower Session in person, by phone or Skype. 

Bowie-Crofton Holistic Health Seminar Series

Join the BC Holistic Community for an exploration of various Holistic Health modalities.  This weeks topics and speakers:
Shamanic Healing - Beth Terrence
Bio-Spiritual Focusing - Sandy Lundahl
Jin Shin Jyutsu - Judy Leese

Date: Thursday, July 24th
Time: 7:30 - 9:00 pm
Location: Bowie Town Hall
15901 Excaliber Road, Bowie, MD
Cost: Free, Registration Required.  Limit 20.
To Register, visit the Bowie-Crofton Holistic Community website
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Shamanic Healing:
 A Journey of Reconnection
on The Heart of Awakening Blog 
Upcoming Events

Stay Tune for 2017 Schedule of Events Coming Soon!

Online Courses will include:
Ground, Center, Open: Energy Mastery for Healers, Coaches & Highly Sensitive People ~ Spring 2017
Holistic Recovery Pathways: Meditation & Mindfulness for Recovery ~ Spring 2017
Compassion Practices for Challenging Times ~ Dates TBA

Workshops will include:
Healing The Shadow Shamanic Journey Process Group ~ 3/25 & 4/29
Letting Go, Embodying Life: Honoring Our Ancestors & Ourselves ~ Fall 2017

Speaker & Workshop Topics

Beth is available as a speaker, keynote, lecturer and workshop facilitator both in person and via teleconference and webinar.  She can also help to plan and facilitate retreats for organizations, community groups and recovery programs.

A sample of the topics she offers include:

  • The Way of Council                       
  • Holistic Living & Self-Care
  • Mastering Anxiety                                  
  • Meditation & Mindfulness             
  • Shamanic Healing: A Journey of Reconnection                                 
  • Loving Yourself: A Key to Change & Healing
  • Energy Awareness                        
  • Bach Flower Remedies                           
  • Lifestyle Restructuring
  • Intentional Living                         
  • New Paradigm Leadership                     
  • Take Your Metta To Work
  • Wellness for the Workplace         
  • Discover The Healer Within                    
  • Holistic Recovery Pathways
  • Self-Awareness Explorations

and her favorite topic of all...

Transforming Your Inner Critic Into Your Inner Cheerleader

For information on any of the above topics or to customize a program for your event or organization, contact Beth to explore what's possible!

Loving Yourself: An Experiential Workshop

Join us as we explore 7 Ways to Cultivate Love and Compassion For Yourself. Together, we will practice a variety of techniques including meditation & mindfulness, affirmations, energy awareness, shamanic journey work and journaling practices which help to:  

  • Cultivate greater love and compassion for self, others and the world
  • Uncover and release limiting beliefs and obstacles that keep us stuck
  • ​Deepen in one's own process of transformation and healing
  • ​​L​ive a more heart-centered, joyful and balanced life

Are you ready to embrace the truth of who you are - a being full of loving-kindness and compassion?
The journey begins with you!

Date: Saturday, December 8th, Time: 1:30 - 3:00 PM
Location: Ridgely Retreat, 203 Ridgely Ave., Annapolis, MD 21401 
To Register contact Ridgely Retreat at 443-433-0462, Cost: $25
Please bring a journal and an open heart! 
For additional information, contact Beth at 443-223-0848

Learn about 
7 Ways To Cultivate Love & Compassion For Yourself 
on The Heart of Awakening Blog 

Reflections Of A Wounded Healer: From Victim To Visionary
On Heal My Voice Radio Show

Listen as Beth chats with Heal My Voice founder, Andrea Hylen. She shares her experiences in walking the path of the Wounded Healer and how her willingness to journey into her most painful places became the catalyst for a new life, one she never imagined was possible due to her childhood experiences growing up with a mentally ill parent. It is said that as the Wounded Healer heals, there is an opportunity to become a healer, teacher and guide. Beth will share how this journey unfolded for her to step forth as a shaman, becoming a guide for others to embrace their dark places to find the healer within.​

Date: Wednesday, January 23rd
Time: 2 PM EST
Listen To Replay Now!
​Discover The Healer Within
4 Session Teleseminar

Join Shaman Beth Terrence for an exploration in discovering the healer within. Everyone has the potential within them to become their own agent of change. This 4 part series will focus on experiential tools and techniques that support cultivating the healer within and stepping forward in one's own process of transformation. Some of the tools that will be explored include shamanic healing, meditation, energy awareness practices, self-reflection, journaling and connecting with the heart as a gateway for healing. See below for specific dates and topics:

Part I: Connecting With Sacred Space - Monday, February 18th at 12 PM EST

Part II: Energy Awareness Tools & Techniques - Thursday, February 21st at 7:30 PM EST

Part III: Transforming Limiting Patterns & Beliefs - Monday, February 25th at 12 PM EST

Part IV: Reclaiming Our Essence - Thursday, February 28th at 7:30 PM EST

For additional information on this and upcoming teleseminars, contact Beth Terrence at

Animal Totems & Archetypes: A Shaman's World
With Host Janet Roper On Talk2TheAnimals Radio

Is there a difference between animal totems and archetypes? If so, what is that difference? Beth Terrence, LMT, CHP, Shaman, Facilitator and 
Holistic Practitioner chats with Talk2TheAnimals host Janet Roper to explore these questions and shares how she uses shamanic healing as 
the heart of her work. 

Date: Tuesday, February 12th
Time: 9 PM EST
Listen To Replay Now!
Read Beth's Post
Reflections Of A Wounded Healer: 
From Victim To Visionary​
on The Heart of Awakening Blog 
Shamanic Healing Journeys: Healing The Inner Child

Join us for an afternoon of exploration. We will learn to connect with our inner children utilizing the shamanic journey process. This wonderful tool will open the gateway to healing on a deep level. Begin to uncover beliefs which keep you from moving more fully into the truth of who you are. Learn a new way to move into greater love and compassion for your self and all beings. Discover the shaman within!!

Date: Saturday, May 18th
Time: 1 - 4 PM
​Where: Ridgely Retreat, 20 Ridgely Avenue, Annapolis, MD
Cost: $45 or Bring A Friends ~ 2 For $80

For information on upcoming dates for this or other Shamanic Healing Journeys workshops, contact Beth at 443-223-0848.
Mastering Anxiety: A Holistic Approach
4-Session Series

• Are you struggling with symptoms of anxiety?
• Do you experience restlessness and an inability to relax?
• Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep because you can’t quiet your mind?
• Do you have chronic worrisome thoughts that are difficult to turn off?
• Do you suffer from muscular tension, headaches, stomach problems or lack of energy due to worry or anxiety?

Being able to deal with anxiety effectively is an important component in experiencing a joyful and balanced life. It can keep you from being able to focus and be present. It can cause a variety of physical and psychological symptoms, which can interfere significantly with work, family and everyday functioning. And, if not addressed, it can be a contributor to physical disease such as heart disease and digestive problems. Recent research has shown that there are a variety of alternative and holistic treatment options for relieving anxiety. Come and explore natural and effective methods for mastering anxiety without medication. In the 4-Week Series, you will:

• Learn 5 Steps to Mastering Anxiety
• Understand and recognize how you experience anxiety
• Build a holistic resource toolbox
• Begin to develop a personal self-care plan
• Participate in a supportive group environment

This ongoing class will be both educational and experiential. Through a series of explorations, discussions and practices, participants will be able to explore how they experience anxiety, know their triggers and begin to develop a toolbox for mastering anxiety.  This course is available as a live series, teleclass or as part of an indiindividualized program for Mastering Anxiety.  For upcoming dates or information on individualized programs, contact Beth at 443-223-0848.
Fierce Explorations: Accessing The Healer Within
An Experiential Workshop
With Beth Terrence & Mario DiSaverio

An Invitation To Explore The Astonishing Light Of Your Own Being...

Are you ready to take charge of your own healing process?  
Are you able to connect with yourself in a deep way?  
Do you know how to access and understand your own inner guidance system?

Join us for an afternoon of experiential practice focused on accessing the healer within. Learn how to connect, listen, and engage with your inner wisdom as a foundation for facilitating your own process of transformation and healing. This workshop will be highly experiential and will include shamanic journeywork, observational non-doing, self-reflection and journaling.

For upcoming dates, contact Beth at 443-223-0848 or email  

To learn more about Dr. Mario DiSaverio and his work with Network Spinal Analysis, Cerebrospinal Fluid Technique and Observational Non-Doing, visit his website
Shamanic Tools For Balanced Living
Holistic Health Gathering With Pat Clarke Of Annapolis Reiki

This is our opportunity to share energy and conversation as we learn together.   Beth Terrance, who is a Shaman, Facilitator and Holistic Practitioner, 
will be a guest facilitator. Together, we will explore shamanic healing journeys with a focus on grounding, centering and stillness. 

Date: Tuesday, May 28th
Time: 7 - 9 PM
​Where: Shakti Studio, 530 E. College Parkway, Annapolis, MD
Cost: $20
Becoming Peace:
A Body, Mind, Emotion & Spirit Exploration 

Join us for as we explore how to create more peace within ourselves, our relationships and our world.  Together, we will apply a holistic approach to exploring peace in our lives on the level of body, mind, emotion and spirit.  This teleclass will include educational and experiential practices that support transformation and healing.

In this workshop, you will learn:

* How to apply a holistic approach to the cultivation of peace in your life
* Experiential tools & techniques that help to foster inner & outer peace
* To identify areas in your life where more peace is needed
* Ways to work through limiting patterns, feelings and beliefs which prevent you 
from achieving a deeper sense of peace

Date: ​Saturday, September 21st
Time: 2 -4 PM
Where: Ridgely Retreat
203 Ridgely Avenue, Annapolis, MD
To register, call 443-433-0462 or email


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