Creating A New Paradigm for the Workplace

In helping to cultivate a new paradigm in your organization, I bring Transformational Tools and Programs which support:

  • Creating sacred space in the workplace
  • Having a sense of work community
  • Using a Council/Talking Circle process for communication and peacemaking
  • Bringing more awareness and authenticity to the workplace
  • Embracing spontaneity
  • Embodying a heart centered environment
  • Supporting creative exploration
  • Learning to work with gut feeling, intuition and flow of energy
  • Learning how energetics of organization, environment and individuals affects each individual and the overall workplace
  • Participating in experiential processes
  • Allowing space for the unknown and new possibilities
  • Acheiving increased well-being for all

Transformational Tools & Programs For Organizations include:

Meditation & Mindfulness Training
Council: A Talking Circle Process
Energy Awareness
Communication Skills
Wellness For The Workplace
Zero Balancing®
On-Site Chair Massage
Stress Management Programs
Ergonomics Assessments
Journaling For Health & Wellness
Work Culture Development
Helping Organizations To Develop:

Team Building
Organizational Health
New Paradigm Leadership
Work Culture
Diversity Sensitivity

My mission for organizations is to support a shift into a New Paradigm by offering Transformational Tools and Programs.  I see healthy, purposeful organizations as:

  • Embodying intention and manifesting the organizational mission
  • Developing a positive work culture
  • Creating a workplace where employees are engaged and excited 
  • Cultivating honesty, openness and authenticity in the workplace
  • Recognizing the importance of organizational health 
  • Shifting into a new paradigm of leadership and organizational dynamics
  • Accepting the need for mutuality and wholeness
  • Learning and acquiring new tools and skills which support organizational health and growth
  • Honoring the interrelationship between individuals, organizations and the world
  • Serving as a positive agent for change both organizationally and in the world
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