Inner Wisdom Programs

I invite you to come explore with me as I support you in...

  • STEPPING forward in life  
  • OWNING your power  
  • ALLOWING your authenticity to emerge  
  • RECLAIMING your essential self

Are you ready to SOAR in 2017?  

Join me for a series of Integrative Shamanic Healing Sessions! Together, we we will explore:

  • Where you are and where you would like to be
  • What areas of your life need change and healing
  • How to apply a holistic approach to life and well-being
  • Holistic & transformational tools to help foster inner wisdom and peace
  • Ways to work through limiting patterns, feelings and beliefs which keep you from living the life you desire
  • An action plan for you be the catalyst for transformation and healing in your life in an ongoing way
  • Are you ready to begin?

All programs feature 90 Minute Integrative Shamanic Healing Sessions, which are customized to meet individual focus and needs.  (Learn more about Integrative Shamanic Healing Sessions and Modalities.)

Program Options:

12 Sessions ~ $1440 (20% Off Reg.)

6 Sessions ~ $765 (15% Off Reg.)

3 Sessions ~ $400 (10% Off Reg.)

General Information on Packages & Sessions
  • Sessions are available in office in Annapolis, MD, by Phone or Skype. 
  • 3 Sessions Packages are designated for one person only.  
  • 6 & 12 Session packages may be shared with family members.

If you would like additional information or explore more 
to learn how an Inner Wisdom Program can support you 
in embodying your essential self and living the life of your dreams, 
contact Beth to schedule a complimentary 20-minute consultation today!



*Upon receipt of payment, you will receive a confirmation 
and scheduling link for your first session. 
Come explore the healer within you! 

Beth Terrence
Shaman ~ Healer ~ Recovery Coach
Inner Wisdom Programs 2017